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Iris Karami - Houston, Texas

My passion for storytelling bloomed in my community of Houston, Texas. Having interned at KHOU11 and working adjacent with ABC13, I built a foundation for my career ahead. I pursued my degree in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, and put my degree to practice as an on-air reporter at KVEO-TV. 

I spent two years reporting at KVEO-TV, located on the Texas-Mexico border, where I examined national and state topics such as immigration, the Texas energy grid, and abortion rights first hand. I often spoke with the White House and Texas' governor to cover national stories unfolding at our southwestern borders.

In 2022, I left reporting to become a video producer for political consultant and film director, Colin Rogero. We have worked with congressmen and women across the country such as Gabe Vasquez, A.O.C, and have worked with the Biden administration on their production needs during the election season. We have also worked with gubernatorial candidates in Texas and Florida for the 2023 elections, just to name a few. 

In between assignments, I work on independent documentary and film ventures that focus on community, culture, arts and current events

Do you have any media needs? I want to hear from you! Get in touch below to schedule a call with me for all things media-related.

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